Pup Saved by Firefighters Is One Lucky Dog

dog in tubAnd you thought firefighters only rescued cats stuck in trees. Nope! Those everyday heroes will rescue just about any creature stuck just about anywhere, even a dog stuck in a bathtub! Case in point: Sacramento pup Lulu, who experienced a bathtime malfunction of the worst kind on Wednesday morning.

Apparently Lulu's owner, Keith Brewer, was trying to give the little dog a bath when she took a step back ... right into the bathtub drain.

Why is it that things like hind legs, which go down the drain so easily, are so hard to pull back up again?


Brewer tried his best to free Lulu from the clutches of the evil tub, but she was crying so much he was afraid he wouldn't be able to do it without hurting her leg. So he called for emergency help, and who do you think showed up?

That's right ... firefighters! Seriously, what would we do without them? I can't think of anyone else (barring people who owe me money and/or are blood relatives) who would drop everything to rush over and help me dig my dog out of the bathtub.

Though as it turned out, even the firefighters had to call for back-up. Lulu was (understandably) such a hyper, freaking-out mess that they couldn't do anything to help until an emergency vet came to sedate her. (Hey, I'd need a sedative if my foot was stuck in the bathtub drain for two hours, too.)

Thankfully, the vet expects Lulu to make a full recovery. Lucky dog.

(Though I'm guessing she's going to be a dirty dog for a while. Good luck getting her back in that bathtub!)

Have firefighters ever come to your rescue?


Image via Reenie/Flickr



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