Rick Perry Makes Us Laugh on 'Letterman' But That Doesn't Mean He Should be President (VIDEO)

rick perryDid you hear the one about Rick Perry forgetting the third federal department he'd like to eliminate? In case you happened to miss it, Rick's trying to make sure you're aaaall caught up on his gaffes. In a P.R. blitz that would make Ross Perot jealous, the Texas governor has been everywhere this week trying to make everyone laugh with him, instead of at him. His latest stop was at the Late Show with David Letterman where he read the "Top Ten Rick Perry Excuses." Rick does a great job -- he's hilarious! And that voice of his, so smooth. But I don't think a sly Texan accent and a sense of humor really qualifies one for presidency.


I hope not, anyway. I'm not a fan of Rick's politics, but I'm a fan of his refreshing reaction to the debacle that was his debate performance. It's entertaining, it makes me smile, and it kinda makes me want to say Aw shucks! Rick ain't so bad! which I suppose is precisely his goal. I wouldn't mind hanging out with the guy for a weekend, but I don't want him running the country.

Because being president takes nerves of steal. I should know, I was once student body treasurer or my fifth grade class. Kidding aside, debating might be the least traumatic thing a leader has to endure. Get Perry in a room with Vladimir Putin and let's see how he handles himself. Negotiating with that bull has got to be way tougher than explaining to a crowd of supporters some points you (supposedly) memorized and/or rehearsed.

And to those who say that his mistake is beside the issues, I disagree. A president needs to instill confidence, not make us cringe, then laugh. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes, but this is the big leagues. One mistake and you're back on the farm team, no matter how funny you are.

Watch Rick Perry read his top ten excuses:

Do you think Perry's attempt at winning voters back will work?


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