Former Porn Star Visits Elementary School & All Hell Breaks Loose

sasha greySasha Grey may be a former porn legend, but the 23-year-old's career hasn't been limited to adult films. She's starred on Entourage and various indie flicks, has legit modeling jobs and a music career, and served as a spokesperson for PETA. But her most recent gig seems to be the most controversial by far. For the Read Across America program, she visited a first-grade classroom at Emerson Elementary in L.A. last week and read books to the kids. Aaaaaaand, as you might imagine, when some parents found out, they were livid, contacting the PTA first and then the school principal.

Thus far, the school's reaction to the situation has been downright laughable. They've flat-out denied that Sasha read to the class, claiming that "the actress indicated was not present." Uh, yeah, even though there are photos of her there! PLUS, she tweeted about her experience, citing the program and school, and saying that she read to the "sweetest 1st & 3rd grade students."


How idiotic is the school district for denying it?? Yet, at the same time ... what do they have to hide or apologize for? As far as I'm concerned, the P.O.'ed parents are being equally ridiculous.

What's the issue? There was nothing inappropriate about the incident. And as far as the first-graders were concerned, they were being read a book by a nice young woman, NOT a former porn star. In fact, as far as they know, she's a total nobody! What's more, it seems to me making a big deal about it could potentially stir up questions from a kid. So, even if these parents weren't super-keen about the fact that an ex-porn star was reading to their kids, getting irate just seems counterproductive.

Geeze, if anything, the parents should just be mad that their kids got short-changed having someone BIG the kids actually would recognize -- like Selena Gomez, for instance -- come and read to their class! Now, if the school's parents were to petition for that, I'd definitely stand behind 'em.

What do you think about the parents complaining that Sasha Grey read to their kids? How about the school outright lying about it?


Image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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