Mother of Sandusky Victim #1 Had Great Instincts (VIDEO)

sanduskyThis morning, George Stephanopoulos sat down with the mother of alleged Victim #1 on Good Morning America. In the short yet poignant interview, the mother, whose name was not given and her face and voice covered up, gave a first-hand account of the abuse her son, 11 at the time, supposedly suffered from Penn State defense coach Jerry Sandusky. It's been one thing to read about it in the news this week, but it's entirely another to hear the words come from a mother of one of the boys. Even if you can't hear her real voice nor see her face, I'm telling you, it takes the horrifying story to a whole new level. It's more personal now than ever.


It really puts a face and a voice to the story, even if hers aren't revealed. To hear a mother say that her son was acting out, how he was looking up "sex weirdos" to see if Sandusky was on some sort of list, and how the revelation came to fruition is all too heartbreaking. Thank god this woman had the instincts she did and was finally able to get to the source of her son's pain.


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She describes how her son was reluctant to tell her anything at first:

I think it was a lot of embarrassment [for him]. He was giving me hints to figure it out, and I did, eventually, figure it out.

Now that one of the mothers of the alleged victims has given an interview, maybe it will inspire others to come forward after they see that she and her son have spoken up yet have remained private and protected. If Sandusky allegedly abused eight boys over the course of many years, if he was capable of that, is it so unlikely that there could've been more boys involved that haven't yet raised their hand? Maybe after seeing how this first interview was handled with respect and anonymity, more victims families will decide to talk. And I don't mean talk for our sake, but for theirs.

Watch the mother of alleged Victim #1 talk to GMA:

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