Election 2012 Round-Up: Stay Informed

vote imageHere are some political stories we found interesting this week ...

1. Jill Greenlee, assistant professor of politics at Brandeis University, discusses her research on how becoming a mother affects a woman's politics. [The Brian Lehrer Show]

2. Rick Perry does damage control after his debate gaffe with a funny top 10 list on Letterman. [USA Today]

3. Herman Cain does damage control of his own -- expressing regret for his "Princess Nancy" comment that he made during the same debate. [Reuters]

4. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords spoke with a clear voice in her first TV interview since she was shot 10 months ago. [Huffington Post]

5. A proposed Christmas tree tax is met with bah humbug sentiment by many pundits (and presumably Santa Claus, though we couldn't reach him for comment). [Michelle Malkin]

What surprised you most this week in politics? Any predictions for the week ahead?

Image via theresasthompson/Flickr

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