Introducing Moms Matter 2012

Moms MatterIf you're concerned about the state of America's economy and its governmental decision-makers right now, you are far from alone.

CafeMom recently conducted a national survey that shows moms are even more worried about our country and its future than the average voter. A glance at any newspaper on the stands should tell you -- that's saying a lot! 

We at CafeMom believe that it's time for the moms of America to make your voices heard in your town, your state, and in Washington.


Take a look at these numbers from our poll:

  • 55% of moms believe America's best days are behind us.
  • Only 28% of moms agree with the statement “I believe that my voice as a MOM will be heard” in the next presidential election.
  • When it comes to trusting elected officials to focus on the right things to improve life for families like theirs, just 15% trust them overall and 68% distrust them.
  • 59% of moms think the average American mom could do a better job as president than Obama himself.

Many moms I've talked to feel so down and disillusioned by the recession's effects on the economy and the state of politics right now that they're just trying to tune it out altogether.

Trust me on this one, ladies -- this is no time to do that. Moms have a voice -- a loud one -- and no matter where you stand on the issues, now is the time to read up on them and make your opinions known, among your friends and neighbors and at the polls.

We've created Moms Matter 2012 to help you learn about the issues affecting our government and economy, as well as where the candidates stand on them. Whether you're a Democrat, Republican, or independent voter, we want you to feel like you're making an informed decision when you cast your ballot next November.

To that end, I'm going to be spending the next 12 months traveling the country, finding out how moms like you are coping in this economy, and talking to the candidates about how they plan to solve America's biggest problems if elected President. I'll be filing video reports for CafeMom and The Stir, and I'll also be sharing what I've learned on a special "Behind the Vote" blog.

This is the most exciting project I've ever taken on. Before becoming a blogger, I spent ten years on television as a political reporter, news anchor, and general assignment reporter. Now with CafeMom, I get to integrate my television reporting skills with my passion for writing and interacting with moms on the Internet.

My goal as CafeMom's election correspondent is to make you all feel like you're right here with me as I cross the country, covering political issues and the people they're affecting. I want you to feel like you really have a grasp on what's going on and what it all means. I want you to feel good about the decisions you're making as a voter. And I want you to feel empowered to share your views with the people around you. Much of my coverage and my questions for the candidates will come from input provided by you, on CafeMom's forums and in the comments section of our posts.

Are you excited? I am! Our CafeMom poll showed us that today's moms are tired of feeling ignored by the folks on Capitol Hill, and they're ready for their voices to be heard.

Here's your chance to make that happen.

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