'Occupy Harvard' Shows Dirty Hippies How to Run a Protest

harvardThe latest people to protest Wall Street via occupancy is none other than the Crimson folk themselves -- students at Harvard University. Oh, but they don't protest like any old fed up, disgruntled Americans who want to stick it to the man. No, no, no. See, the fancy students at Harvard, who, let's be honest, probably have a parent or two who could be classified as "the man," are required to show a valid student I.D. in order to get into the hoity-toity protest that's being held in Harvard Square. Sorry, Emerson.

Judging by the photos, Occupy Harvard isn't nearly as disorganized or disgusting as a lot of the other Occupy spots (ahem, New York). In fact, it actually looks quite pleasant. Like a modern-day, less secretive Dead Poets Society or something. With tents. Maybe these high-falutin' Ivy Leaguers are on to something. Maybe they figured out exactly what's wrong with all the other Occupy protests. Of course.


See, the reason Occupy Harvard looks so peaceful and not revolting is probably because it only contains people who actually know what's going on with the protest. It's not filled with people looking to make a love connection; it's not filled with people looking for a hot meal; and it's definitely not filled with people who are looking to defecate on cop cars. (Again, thanks, NYC.) It's simply a gathering of calm Brooks Brothers-clad folk who are willing to spend the night outside in their J.Crew sleeping bags, drinking 50-year-old scotch for the good of their country. Not to mention it's a great "real experience" for a thesis.

Kidding aside, I actually think presenting some form of I.D. at these protests is a good idea at this point. I know such an authoritative interference sort of totally goes against the whole meaning behind a protest, but, like I said, things have gotten out of hand. A lot of the Occupy protests, particularly the one in Zuccotti Park, aren't even about "the message" anymore. They're about a bunch of people killing time together. And sometimes rape.

Maybe if everyone had to show an I.D. -- doesn't have to be a Harvard one -- it would be a deterrent for all the terrible things that have been happening. Might not bring on the Brooks Brothers and bourbon, but it could be a deterrent.

Do you think showing I.D. is a good idea?


Image via Patricia Drury/Flickr

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