Couple Caught Throwing Dog Into Sea Should Be Punished for Life

exmouth sea frontI have a major soft spot in my heart for canines, but really, I love all animals. Those Sarah McLachlan ads make me hysterical -- I turn the TV off when they come on. So, as you might guess, not only do I have trouble wrapping my head around disdain for animals, but when I see anyone mistreating them, I feel like freaking out. 

That said, I wanted to scream when I read about a middle-aged couple, John Nesbitt and Linda Jones from the U.K., who were caught by a passing photographer repeatedly throwing their pet terrier, Jess, into the sea from the edge of a concrete pathway that extended into the shallow water. The dog twisted in midair four times over! To authorities later on, the delusional couple claims they were just trying to "cool off" their pet, but this poor dog could have been terribly, seriously hurt.


A vet expert has said that the incident probably caused fear and distress to the dog and may have led to injuries to her spine, legs, and jaw. It's not surprising -- just looking at the images makes you squirm!

Last year, I saw a couple of kids throwing their small pet dog into the Pacific off the coast of Northern California over and over again, while their moron parents looked on and laughed. The dog was struggling to swim and clearly not a happy camper, and at one point, the kids were throwing the dog in deep water far from the shore. Thankfully, another beach-goer intervened, but it makes me cringe thinking about how frequently this kind of thing goes on.

Situations like these should be treated the same way as any abusive crime -- no matter if the victims are animals. It's good to know authorities have taken this Nesbitt-Jones case seriously.

The couple was arrested back around the time of the incident in April, their dog was taken away from them in May and is currently in a foster home, and they were just convicted on the charge of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. With hope, these two are kept far, far away from their terrier and are banned from owning another pet for the rest of their lives.

How do you think people like this couple should be punished?


Image via Ed Webster/Flickr

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