Only a Coward Sees a Child Being Raped and Does Nothing

Mike McQueary
Mike McQueary
If you saw a child getting raped, what would you do? Mike McQueary had that very decision to make on March 1, 2002. He saw a 10-year-old boy getting raped in a locker room shower by, for all intents and purposes, his boss, Jerry Sandusky. Let me make this clear ... the boy was being sodomized. I hate to force the visual on you, but this is what went down. Mike, who was 28 at the time, walked into what he thought was an empty locker room and heard what he thought was people having sex in the shower. When he looked up, what he saw was very different.

What would you have done?


If you saw a man raping a boy, you would:

a) Leave the room and call your dad for advice.

b) Leave the room and go tell that man's boss.

c) Confront and physically stop what was going on; beat the crap out of the man; scoop the boy up and bring him to safety.

d) Call 911.

McQueary chose to go with choice A and then choice B.

That was the WRONG decision. The more I read about this story, the more infuriated (and nauseated) I become. Who does that? Who just walks away?

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There are so many things coming to light about the Penn State sex abuse scandal that make you question what people were thinking. Was everyone just worried about themselves? Everyone worried about their own promotion within the institution? Everyone so worried about their own legacy (Paterno, in particular) that they just turned the other cheek?

I wonder if McQueary's choice would have been different if it were a football player raping a woman in that shower? What if it were Sandusky raping a woman and she was pleading for him to stop?

Was it because it was "The Great Sandusky" that he walked away?

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McQueary should be OUT. He was 28. He knew better. I am sure he has real regret over walking away that day. But regret won't help that boy and all of the subsequent boys that were possibly harmed. Let me be clear ... it would not have been okay for an 18-year-old McQueary, a freshman at Penn State, to choose to do nothing either, but maybe I would have had more empathy for the fact he ran and called his dad for advice.

Mike McQueary should not be on the sidelines of the Penn State football game this weekend. END. OF. STORY.

Do you think McQueary should be allowed to coach this weekend?


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