Congressman Joe Walsh Goes Ballistic On People During Town Hall (VIDEO)

joe walshCan you sense that the 2012 election is right around the corner? Things are really starting to heat up. Herman Cain's accusers are parading down the streets in droves, Obama's making Christmas tree taxes then repealing them, and now Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois is losing his mind. It's been an exciting few days. But let's focus on crazy Joe because, frankly, he's the funniest; both in a funny ha-ha way and funny living-nightmare way. At a town hall discussion at a Pizzeria Uno, Walsh unleashes on his constituents in the most awesome way possible, yelling in their faces and threatening to kick them out of the joint.

All that's missing from Walsh's rant is a Howard Dean scream at the end.


It'll be obvious once you watch the explosion, but Walsh leans far right and is a Tea Party rep for his state. And he doesn't like when people blame the markets and the banks. He also doesn't like it if you interrupt him. Or if you ask him a question. And if he's out of coffee? Look out.

He has since apologized for his rant, saying he's a passionate guy who really cares about the issues. And you know something? I'll give him that. It's kinda refreshing to see a politician obsessively care about the welfare of the nation, even if I couldn't disagree with him more. His enthusiasm, while startling and 100 percent aggressive, was a nice change from the monotone responses we usually hear from politicians.

I don't think Joe's gonna win over any legitimate fans with this, but at least he got his points across, loud and clear.

Watch Joe Walsh go off:

What do you think of Joe Walsh?


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