Wild Alaska Storm Scares Even Tough-as-Nails Nome Residents (VIDEOS)

nome alaska stormDude, SUPER STORM up the great white north! If you're on the western coast of Alaska, you cannot see Russia from your front porch. You can't even see your hand in front of your face. The Great Alaskan Bering Sea Storm 2011 is roaring through with 60-85 mph winds, tearing up rooftops, and knocking out power lines. You know something's up when even the Alaskans themselves are freaking out over a snowstorm.

But you don't need to hear all this from me. Check out these eyewitness videos.


As this resident puts it, when Nome puts out an evacuation order, you know it's not a normal storm. To his recollection, this is the first storm evacuation ever for the Alaskan city. At the least it does appear to be the worst storm in Nome in about 40 years.

Can you believe there are still cars driving around in this weather? Please, whoever is taking this film, tell me you were wearing gloves. My fingertips are getting frostbite just watching.

Here we have the classic neighbor's-roof-blowing-in-wind-storm video.

This video reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George Costanza begins telling a tale with the line, "The sea was angry my friend, like an old man returning soup at a diner."

Here's another beach scene shot by these two crazy guys. The one who just lost his hat has about four videos (and counting) documenting the storm.

This is actually a rare kind of storm, a hurricane with snow. One newscaster reports that it's this severe because of a shrinking ice shelf off the coast possibly caused by global warming. So there's your science lesson for the day -- global warming may actually contribute to severe winter storms.

Are these Alaskan storm videos scaring you, too?


Image via HalfSmoked99835/YouTube

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