Amanda Knox Is About to Make a Great Decision

amanda knoxIt sounds like Amanda Knox is ready to take the first step of the rest of her life. She's rumored to be dating 24-year-old Seattle native James Terrano, a musician, and according to reports, the couple is living in his Chinatown apartment together and have been seen around town running errands together and buying groceries. James' brother William has confirmed their relationship, but it's not their love that is promising. It's the fact that Amanda is likely to return to college soon.

James is a student at the University of Washington and there's chatter that Amanda will soon join him. School might give Amanda the routine and purpose she needs right now to successfully start over.


She set out to get her college degree many years ago when her study abroad trip to Italy derailed that plan, to say the least. If she were to pick up where she left off, I think it might help her healing process to know that she's back on track in a normal existence.

But going to a school full of students who think they know everything about her life isn't going to be easy. Maybe that's why she might be going to the same college as her current boyfriend. While I'm not thrilled at the idea of her dating someone new already (can she really be in that clear of a head space where she can form healthy relationships?), I love the fact that she'll be going back to classes. And if she needs a support system in James to be with her, that's cool. She's going to needs support and it's beneficial that she has someone there to help her.

I'm not suggesting she's some invalid that can't make it through the day without a man, but she's been through a lot, a lot that we can't even imagine, and like anyone, friends, family, and boyfriends can be needed islands when you feel like you're floating in a sea of piss and vomit.

This re-enrollment, if it's true, is the smartest thing she's done since being a free woman. Hopefully this will lead her down a path toward a normal, productive life that will make her happy. And this boyfriend? Hope he's a positive influence.

Do you think Amanda should go back to college?


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