Hard-Hearted Toronto Zoo Keeps Gay Penguin Lovers Apart

Penguins at the Toronto Zoo
Not since Juliet and her Romeo have I heard a tale of woe so sad. A set of gay penguins named Buddy and Pedro have been attached at the wing at the Toronto Zoo. And now they're about to have it wrested from their flippers as their little tuxedoed bodies are shuffled off to separate cages to knock beaks with some females of the species.

The penguin population is dwindling, and the zookeepers say Buddy and Pedro are wasting their top-notch breeding genes on each other. Silly zookeepers! As if they know more than Old Mother Nature! She begs to differ with them.


Twenty-year-old Buddy and 10-year-old Pedro are happy as clams (although they'd probably prefer to eat them ... yes, that was a penguin joke) waddling around their cold enclosure. They eat. They swim. They play. They're not seeing any problem forgoing female company, so what's the problem?

Sure, I would love to see more African penguins out there, but it isn't Pedro and Buddy who hatched some evil plan to keep themselves from propagating the species! They were born this way baby!

Who's to say they'll even shake a waterproof tail feather at a lady penguin? We could be looking at two miserable penguins and zero penguin babies. It's enough to make you cry.

Maybe I'm just taking this one hard after news last week that famous odd pair Tarra the elephant and Bella the dog saw their beautiful friendship destroyed when coyotes attacked the animal sanctuary where they've been palling around since 2003. Bella died in the attack, and a mournful Tarra carted her best pal's body back to their shelter with her trunk. If you don't think animals can develop deep emotional connections, theirs is the sort of story that blows that notion right out of the water.

Besides, we know gay penguins can be good dads. And Tango Makes Three proved it. If we really need Pedro and Buddy to contribute, let's give them an egg and see if they'll take care of it too. Otherwise, let these poor guys keep their love alive. They deserve it as much as the hetero birds!

Couldn't the world use a little more love in it?


Image via Bobolink/Flickr

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