Conrad Murray's Biggest Mistake Is One We All Make

conrad murrayPoor Dr. Conrad Murray is now Dr. Coulda Woulda Shoulda. What finally convinced the jurors that Dr. Murray was responsible for Michael Jackson's death wasn't so much that they thought he administered the final lethal dose (although they do think he did). No, juror Debbie Franklin says they nailed Dr. Murray because of the flaky way he handled that final medical emergency. He didn't call 911, he didn't have his own emergency equipment handy, and he left the room.

Yikes! You would think if your meal ticket were a massive drug addict, you would be ready for that death-y od-ing moment, right? Your patient is filled with gallons of drugs every day -- where is your parachute? Unless Dr. Coulda Woulda Shoulda was in denial. "It's under control," he probably told himself -- because he didn't want to face up to how precarious the whole situation was. And I've gotta say, I can kind of relate to that kind of flirting with disaster.


I'm sitting on a few disasters waiting to happen. Take my apartment building, an "antique" matchbox with god-knows-what going on inside the walls. Actually, I have caught a glimpse of what's inside our walls and it's crazy ancient wiring and flammable-looking whatsit. Am I prepared for a fire? Do we have a plan? Uh ... no. Right now my plan is for us to jump out the window of our third-story apartment and hope the shrubs out front soften the landing.

I think if we all sat and thought about it, we would all be able to think of one or two emergencies we're not prepared for -- maybe your brakes need to be fixed or you have no plan for next season's tornadoes. Of course, a giant pop star is probably not going to die as a result of our negligence. (At least I don't think so -- unless one of our readers is currently enabling another star's drug addiction? Do tell!) And we're not dragging our feet because we want to live dangerously.

So what is it? We're busy? Life rushing by too quickly? Or are we just in denial about the worst happening? Was that where Dr. Murray went wrong? We'll just never know We'll have to wait until he publishes his memoirs. (What a cool prison project!) But I'm getting started on my fire plan tonight.

Why do you think Dr. Murray wasn't prepared to handle Michael Jackson's last overdose?


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