Latest Michele Bachmann Plan Is Bad for U.S. History

mount rushmorePerhaps because their pickings are just that slim, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is still being treated like a serious contender for the Republican presidential nomination. We know this because she was asked some suuuuper-serious, hard-hitting questions recently, including what fifth president she would add to Mount Rushmore. As silly as it may sound, I gotta give it to the journo who asked Bachmann the Q, because her air-headed answer just might be up there with Palin's "I can see Russia from my house" or the slew of dimwitted sound bytes we got out of the George Dub-ya presidency.

First, she said she'd choose Ronald Reagan. Okay, no big surprise there, being that Tea Partiers love him as much as tween girls love Justin Bieber. But then she went WAY off into kookoo territory.


She said James Garfield would be good, because he was the last president to move to the Oval Office from the House of Representatives. Uhh, okay, so I guess the logic there is that a completely forgettable president should be up there on Rushmore because ... he's her personal role model. Awesome. But THEN, she said naaah, maybe Calvin Coolidge, because he "got the country's budget back on track." Uh ... huh. Hold on while I smack my forehead! Alright, yes, much better.

I'm all about a healthy appetite for U.S. history and valuing some of these undervalued, not-so-frequently referenced presidents, but this is a little ridiculous, eh? She's clearly trying to a.) be totally folksy, b.) say something oooh, aahhhhh "unexpected" and c.) prove to us that she has SOME semblance of solid knowledge in this department of our nation's past ... despite a LOT of proof to the contrary. But even if she gets her facts straight now, it doesn't matter. She's still just coming off like that crazy person in the corner of the bus station, babbling to herself in cockamamie riddles.  

The good news is that only four percent of polled people seem to want to vote for this woman, whereas as many as 16 percent were delusional enough to be rooting for her back in July. Whew, so there is hope!

Do Michele Bachmann's picks for Mt. Rushmore seem totally nuts to you?


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