Reporter Agrees to Barbaric Circumcision in Exchange for Big Interview

gourdsAnd this year's Most Insanely Dedicated Journalist Award goes to Simon Eroro of Papua New Guinea, who was so determined to get an interview with a group of jungle rebels that he agreed to be circumcised with bamboo sticks. That's right, a grown man allowed himself to be circumcised with sharpened sticks in the middle of the jungle by rebels wearing "penis gourds." Um, the good news is he really did get an award. (His very own penis gourd! No, just kidding.)

Poor guy. First Eroro had to risk life and limb to Tarzan himself across raging rivers and over snake pits and who knows what else to get to the bamboo-wielding rebels. Then they refuse to welcome him into their group unless he has an extremely painful and probably very unhygienic on-the-spot surgical procedure? Now that's a fine how-do-you-do.

But why Eroro would do such a FREAKING CRAZY thing isn't even my biggest question. No, this is what I really want to know ...


At the awards ceremony held by Eroro's employer, News Ltd. (part of the Rupert Murdoch empire), Eroro thanked his wife and his editors for "trusting" and "engaging" him on his winning assignment.

His WIFE? How did SHE react to her husband's, uh, display of journalistic integrity?

Why do I feel like "trusting" is actually a code word of sorts for "not going completely off the rails when I came home with a brand new penis courtesy of a jungle-style johnson alteration"?

I mean, really. Put yourself in that woman's shoes. Sure, Eroro actually accomplished something very significant when he made his sacrifice -- he exposed the nefarious cross-border movements of Free West Papua militants from Indonesia into Papua New Guinea, which led to improved border security AND snagged Eroro that shiny new "Scoop of the Year" award.

Still. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like if that were my husband, I would have preferred it if he came home with an intact body and won a less-impressive prize, like the "Tidiest Desk" award.

Would your husband ever do something so drastic for his job? Would you?


Image via Rich Bowen/Flickr

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