Is Sharon Bialek Too Pretty To Be Credible?

sharon bialekEveryone pities a victim -- that is, unless the victim is a hottie. And then she's either making it up or she was asking for it. Because didn't you know? Sexual harassment case + long, flowing blond hair = slick gold-digger. For example, Sharon Bialek, batting those baby blue eyes and claiming Herman stuck his hand up her skirt -- what's she really up to?

We have New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser to thank for keeping this story classy. This morning she pounced on Sharon, making fun of her "heavily-painted face" and carping that she had "her bleached-blond hair set in waves" just for her press conference. Victim of sexual harassment? Mrowr, fffttt fffttt! If you ask Peyser she's just "a smooth operator living beyond her means."


Peyer is riffing on a press release Team Cain sent out painting Sharon as a woman with a "long and troubled history, from the courts to personal finances." So let me get this straight. If you're having trouble paying your bills -- and you happen to have bleached-blond hair set in waves and you wear makeup -- you are obviously exploiting someone in order to pay for your Kardashian-like lifestyle, right? Fabricate a sexual harassment case in order to keep your closet stocked with Chico out fits and fuschia lipstick. That's her MO?

I'm so disappointed when women attack each other like this. And I think it's especially ugly when the name of the game is pick on the pretty girl. This game doesn't make anyone look good. We're above this, ladies. If you are skeptical of Bialek's claims because of the 14-year time lapse that's one thing. But why do we have to start yanking out each other's hair extensions?

By the way, Sharon Bialek's money troubles are real -- but they come from a tragic custody battle and from the exorbitant medical bills that followed her mother's death. You know, the same kind of health care financial fiasco we're all just a biopsy away from suffering ourselves. Nothing glamorous or gold-digging about that.

Do you think Sharon Bialek's good looks work against her or do you think that's irrelevant?


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