Story Behind 2-Year-Old Boy's Disappearance Sounds Like a Crock

Little Sky Metalwala was reported missing Sunday morning in Washington after his mother claims she ran out of gas, took his 4-year-old sister on a one mile walk to get help and returned to find him gone. There are so many things wrong with this story, it is hard to know where to begin. But this is one in which I simply do not understand the mother's choices. Who leaves a 2-year-old unattended for an hour in an unlocked car?

The child's mother told police that she had run out of gas and left the boy buckled into his car seat while she and her 4-year-old daughter walked to a Chevron gas station, about a mile away.  The toddler was reportedly last seen wearing a dark green hooded sweatshirt and blue and gray-striped pants.

My heart breaks for the whole family, obviously, but it is unconscionable to do something like this to one's child. If you are irresponsible enough to run out of gas, you suck it up and you carry both children to the gas station.


Even worse, she left the car unlocked. There are so many fishy aspects to this story, it is hard to know what is true and what is made up. But if the story is exactly as the mom tells it, then she is one seriously sick woman.

I would not leave my toddler son alone for five minutes in the car, let alone for one hour. Sure there are many times I want to. When he falls asleep on our way to pick his sister up from school and I am tempted to leave him for the 10 minutes it would take to run in and grab her, but I know better. I know the convenience of his sleep is not worth the horrific pain and guilt if something happened to him. 

The fact is, as a parent, this story does not stack up. What mom would bring one child all that way while leaving another in the car. And even if we can accept that this happened, other facts don't add up.

According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, these parents have had problems in the past, too. In December 2009, they were cited for reckless endangerment for leaving a child unattended in a vehicle. So they never learned their lesson. Or they did and something awful has befallen this child and they are just lying. Either way it is awful and wrong and so very sad.

Once should never leave a child unattended in a car for any period of time. But any good parents knows that. Whatever happened to this child, I fear it is much worse than we even think.

Have you ever left your child alone?


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