Oklahoma Earthquake Freaks Out Broadcaster On Air (VIDEO)

oklahoma earthquake scares kirk herbstreit

After yesterday's 4.7 magnitude earthquake, followed hours later by one that measured 5.6 magnitude, central Oklahoma has continued to experience dozens of aftershocks Sunday. In addition to buckling highways and rattling homes, the earthquakes have pretty much scared the pants off Oklahoma residents, not to mention people in the surrounding states of Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas. One person whose alarm was actually caught on tape is Kirk Herbstreit, a broadcaster for ESPN who called Saturday's Oklahoma State game and happened to be giving an on air interview just as the 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit:


Check out how petrified he looks about four seconds in:

He eyes get all wide and scared and crazy, and he purses his lips. He's so startled he can't even focus on the question and asks for the question to be repeated ... you know why? Because earthquakes -- no matter how big or how small -- are SCARY.

I wrote yesterday about how I experienced Virginia's 5.8 earthquake this summer in New York (see link up top). And, even though all the seasoned West Coast earthquake survivors made relentless fun of us for being alarmists over such a "small" earthquake, I can attest to the fact that it was really terrifying. In fact, I'm guessing my face looked exactly like Herbstreit's does here. Everything starts shaking and, at first, you think the upstairs neighbors are up to no good; but then you realize it's much bigger than the neighbors. You have no idea what's going on or when it will stop or -- worse, when it will start up again.

I'd say Herbsterit does a pretty decent job of keeping his composure on air despite having being scared silly, don't you?

Did you feel the Oklahoma earthquakes?


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