Andy Rooney Dies & Becomes More Popular Than Ever

andy rooney dies

Television viewers across the nation are deeply saddened today by the news that longtime 60 Minutes journalist and commentator Andy Rooney died in a New York City hospital at the age 0f 92 after complications following minor surgery. Of course, the irony is that if you were to ask anyone what they thought Rooney before all of this, it's likely they would respond with statements like, "Do you mean the curmudgeon on 60 Minutes?" Or, "That guy is sooooo cranky!" But despite being a grouchy complainer for much of his career, it's clear Rooney had found his way into many of our hearts as 60 Minutes fans everywhere are mourning the fact that their Sundays will never be the same.


Rooney had retired from the Sunday-night weekly news-magazine on Oct. 2 (just a mere two weeks before his hospitalization), but his passing is -- need I state the most obvious? -- so much more shocking and final.  So, why did so many people love Andy Rooney despite his cantankerousness? This quote from CBS News chairman and 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager goes a long way at explaining it:

It’s a sad day at 60 Minutes and for everybody here at CBS News. It’s hard to imagine not having Andy around. He loved his life and he lived it on his own terms.

In other words, people loved and admired Andy Rooney because he said exactly what he felt, even if it got him into trouble at times. Rooney himself explained his job as saying the things we are thinking ourselves. So does that mean we are all a bunch of complainers? You bet it does! (Maybe just some of the time, at least.) And there was something cathartic and downright comforting about tuning in on Sundays -- and maybe being a little cranky that the weekend was over -- and hearing Rooney complaining about the things that perplexed and bothered us, too.

This should go without saying, but Andy Rooney will be deeply missed.

What will you miss most about Andy Rooney?


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