Does Men's Wearhouse Stand with Occupy Wall Street?

occupy oakland general strikeThe Occupy Wall Street kids have gone national, camping out in cities all over the country, demanding an end to the bank bailouts. Oh, and they would also like bailouts for themselves, for purchases they regret making, like useless college degrees in female studies (fraternities have been studying that for decades, by the way) or loans for houses they couldn’t afford.

I know, I don’t get it either. You’d think they’d either be for personal responsibility and the freedom to fail and dust yourself off to try again, or against it. 



The Occupy Oakland branch of this confused movement called for a general strike day on Wednesday, November 2. They encouraged all workers in the city to skip work for the day, consumers not to buy, and generally just protest employers and unemployment (again with the confusedness).

So basically no one went to work in Oakland on Wednesday. Well, except for the police department, who were required to come in, even if they had previously been scheduled to have the day off. It’s a good thing they did, since (of course) the protests ended up getting violent

They’re like giant toddlers throwing tantrums, really. They can’t even figure out that rich people are the ones that create jobs. They just know that that fat cat over there has more money than them and it’s WAY NO FAIR! We all know how our toddlers act when they don’t get something they think should belong to them, even though it clearly doesn’t – they get mad and start breaking stuff.

If I can’t have it, no one can have it!

And destroy private property they did. Whole Foods, Wells Fargo and Chase banks, and other businesses were broken into, merchandise destroyed, employees held hostage, women raped … it was bad.

So imagine the outrage amongst sane people when a picture of a sign in a Men’s Wearhouse window made the rounds in the blogosphere on Wednesday. The sign said, “We stand with OWS…Closed.”


How can they stand with a group of people that have no idea what they want, but they’ll destroy other people and/or their things to get it? People that smash windows, pillage, destroy, rape? Where’s the logic?

Oh what’s that? The protestors left that particular store alone?

Nicely done, Men’s Wearhouse.

Oh, and Occupy kids? Grow up, figure out what you want, and then go get it without destroying other people’s property and livelihoods. 


Image via YouTube

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