Sexist Radio Host Blames Woman for Rape at Occupy Wall Street

occupy wall streetI'll admit, Occupy Wall Street is getting a little out of hand. Long gone are the (few) days of an organized protest. While the message (hopefully) remains the same, the current physical state of Zuccotti Park is a hot mess, to put it lightly. And some of the "activities" occupants are taking part in ... well, they leave something to be desired. And they also provide those vehemently against Occupy Wall Street -- both the message and the hot mess of a protest -- with the perfect thing to latch on to for why OWS is "wrong."

The latest, and by far most awful, thing to come out of the protests is the claims that two women were sexually assaulted and raped by a 25-year old Brooklynite, Tonye Iketubosin, who's since been arrested. One claim says that Iketubosin groped a 17-year-old girl, and other says that he raped an 18-year-old woman whom he let sleep in his tent.

But what's equally awful is that the right-wing yahoo of a radio host, Howie Carr, is saying it's the women's fault.


On his show yesterday, Carr failed to show any compassion or support for these women who were violated. Instead he said things like: "How much you wanna bet she's got a trust fund?" and "What is wrong with these people? What did she think was going to happen?" and finally "They're really making a great statement against capitalism, aren't they -- getting raped and groped?" Wow.

See, now I don't think Carr's comments are strictly because he's a disgusting, insensitive, sexist pig. I think people like Carr -- those vehemently against Occupy Wall Street (see above) -- use any incident of foul play, disgusting behavior, or violence as ammo for why the protests (and their meaning) should be stopped. The thing is, Carr went about it all wrong. He should have used Tonye Iketubosin as an example of why the protests should stop, not the women he allegedly assaulted.

Carr's message of "Occupy Wall Street is filled with a bunch of idiotic clowns" would have still been made if he called out Iketubosin, as opposed to the victims. He could have spent his entire show talking about what a creep he is and how Zuccotti Park needs to be cleaned up before something similar has the chance to happen again -- instead of making fun of the girls. Because that doesn't get his point across at all. That just makes him look like a disgusting, insensitive, sexist pig.

Do you think Carr's comments are out of line?


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