Birther Queen Orly Taitz Needs to Stay Nutty to Win Senate Race

Orly TaitzFor someone who insists she has the key to win a seat in Congress, Orly Taitz sure has a funny way of showing it. The woman better known as the head of the birthers, the people who have insisted for years that President Barack Obama was not really born in the United States and therefore is ineligible to serve, says she has the name recognition to beat current California Senator Dianne Feinstein. But rumor has it she may be setting aside the very thing that makes her name recognizable.

The right wing Daily Caller says the Taitz campaign is "perhaps surprisingly, almost entirely focused on economic issues." She wants to talk about serious stuff like NAFTA and environmental policy. Oh sweet nectar of the gods, NO!


I hate to say it, but Taitz is almost sounding like a real candidate for United States Senate! Whatever happened to her being a batshit conspiracy theorist? That's what's made her a recognizable name!

The squirrely lawyer/dentist/real estate agent who maintains the "World's Leading Obama Eligibility Challenge Web Site" is used to getting attention for sounding off like a looney tune. Even after the president officially released his long form birth certificate this year to shut the trap of one Donald Trump, Taitz wrapped herself ever tighter in her conspiracy cloak, shouting claims that a real certificate would have listed him as a "Negro," and even trying to use a discredited reading of the Constitution that would require both of a president's parents to be natural-born American citizens and thereby force out a number of other (legal) former presidents.

Taitz has -- by her own actions -- made herself a caricature. Her very name represents a dogged pursuit of the ridiculous, ignorance of the obvious. She's been a one-sided one-issue gal so long, it's come to define her. THAT'S why, as she says herself, she's got a name that's well-known.

But if she sets that aside to make us believe that she's able to grasp such, for lack of a better word, intelligent concepts, Taitz makes everything she's done in the past, everything that her name represents, that much more bizarre. It's like she's saying, "OK, it was all a game! I'm not that much of a dunderhead after all! But don't hate me for playing you ... trust me, like me, vote for me!" At least when she was being a nutty birther, she was honest about being a nutty birther.

Would Orly Taitz shoot herself in the foot if she backs away from who she is to run for office?


Image via Wikimedia Commons

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