Subway Groper Heroine Inspires the Rest of Us to Kick Butt

subway torontoLook out sexual predators, gropers, and bum-squeezers, we've had enough and we're fighting back. It's officially over, do you hear me? Your days of treating women like your own walking inflatable sex dolls are gone. Welcome to a new world of pain and humiliation.

Leading us into this brave new world of comeuppance is Shane DeJesus. Shane was waiting for a subway train at 9:23 in the morning when a man lifted her skirt and groped her. She felt "violated" but apparently also angry -- so angry that she started hitting and kicking the man. When he tried to elude her by jumping into the next subway, she followed him in and continued her beating. She also took a photo of her attacker with her phone for all the world to see.

I love this story so very much. Like many women living in a large city, I've been there. And I've fought back, too.


The first time I was groped by a stranger, I was so shocked I just froze. And then I spent the rest of the day imagining what I wish I had done instead. I think it worked, because the last two times it's happened (the last two times -- how pathetic that I can even say that), I've been ready. I didn't beat up on the guys like Shane did, but I whirled around and started screaming at them. Both times the guy was totally embarrassed and tried to pretend he didn't know why I was freaking out. But I bet they had second thoughts the next time they got the urge.

Since this summer, there has been a rash of sexual assaults in my neighborhood. It's not just one guy, either -- according to the victims, there is a rotating cast of men attacking women. Is it something in the water? I don't know, but we're all starting to prepare ourselves. Some are taking self-defense classes, but I think even if you don't have the time or money, you can start by visualizing an attack and picturing yourself yelling back.

I don't know if the police would recommend a physical counterattack like Shane's, especially if you're alone. But I think we need to all start getting on the same page here. If we all start making it at the very least embarrassing and inconvenient to molest us, the groping may slow down. Now repeat after me: "Don't you ever!"

Have you ever been groped by a stranger? What did you do?


Image via Jay Woodworth/Flickr

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