Humpback Whales Nearly Swallow Surfer Whole (VIDEO)

humpback whaleA kayaker and surfer were in the ocean off the coast of Santa Cruz, California this week when two humpback whales came shooting out of the water, mouths open, just a few feet from them. They were practically swallowed whole! It sounds a little fishy, a little unbelievable, but the entire thing was caught on video, and believe me, it's a sight to behold. One minute you're having a conversation with your surfer buddy about what wave to catch; the next, two of the world's largest animals are suddenly a matter of feet from you, looking for food.

Slap my ass and call me Ishmael because this is one whale of a tale.


Marine biologists say that the whales are closer than ever to shore because their food source has shifted. The humpbacks were feeding on a school of fish -- the whales darted to the surface and made a huge splash as they caught a ton of little fishies in their mouths for lunch.

Had they surfaced a few feet closer to the beach, those poor people would've been lunch. (Maybe not though because I think when anyone's swallowed by a whale, they live happily inside it for a good period of time. Geppetto was pretty content in there -- his matches and camp stove worked just fine.)

Experts warn that as the whales follow their food, humans should stay closer to shore when they swim. They don't know why their food source is migrating more inland, but as long as they do, there will be whales coming in to eat them. So people should watch out. After you watch the video, you'll understand why officials are encouraging beach-goers to stay back!

What do you think of this incredible video?

Photo via flickkerphotos/Flickr

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