Snake in ATM Gives Customer Serious Scare (VIDEO)

snake atmLet's talk about some things you'd expect to find at an ATM: Money. Germs. Old receipts. Maybe a wad of old gum. Possibly a homeless person. Or a robber. Perchance sacks and sacks of unattended cash. But an unlucky man in Spain didn't find anything like that, though. When he went to the Caja Madrid bank to withdraw some money, he was attacked the second he reached into the cash slot to collect his dough. Attacked by a snake. There was a snake inside the ATM machine.

Senor Snake was feeling bitey!


I would've left my money right in that slot and run the eff in the other direction. This guy was nothing like me, though; he kept his wits about him and called the branch manager. They came and got the snake out, but that little reptile put up one helluva fight. He was super aggressive. Or as they say in Spain, muy agresivo! And of course, the whole thing is caught on video.

God I love the Internet. We could've missed out on a snake attack in an ATM! That would've been sad. But you know, come to think of it, a snake in a bank isn't that bad of an idea, for a thief, anyway. Officials say that they haven't ruled out that this was some sort of prank, and if it was, it's a little slice of genius. Plant a snake, scare people away after they've made a withdrawal, take their money, pet the snake. Repeat. It writes itself.

The snake has since been removed from his cozy home between the flappy thing and the wheely thing that shoots out the money and was taken to the countryside and set free. You know right now he's bragging to all his snake buddies and saying stuff like, "Sssssso guysssss. ATMsssss are sssssssuper ssseeexy. I ssssscored sssssome dollarssss and ccccentsssssss." No?

Watch the video and be glad it wasn't you who found Senor Snake in the ATM:


Photo via YouTube

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