Lucky Sportscaster Wins $2 Million Lotto on Air (VIDEO)

global bc lottery winnerEvery year, the British Columbia Children's Hospital holds a "Dream Lottery" contest. And every year, the winner is drawn live on the news show, BC Global. This year, coincidentally, the winner of the $2 million prize was actually one of BC Global's own -- sports reporter Barry Deley. Anchors Sophie Lui and Squire Barnes were so stunned at the insane happenstance (the odds were 1 in 288,000) that they called their colleague to give him the great news right then and there on air!


Barry, whose initial response was, "You know, people are going to think this is kind of fishy, don't you?" now has the choice of $2 million cash or one in four properties in the area that are worth up to $2.5 million. (Take the cash, dude!)

It may seem a little weird, and perhaps unfair that Deley won the lotto, but it's not the kind of lottery you're thinking of. Apparently, tickets to enter the drawing are a hundred dollars, and typically people who support the Children's Hospital take part. Barry, who entrusted the hospital with his young daughter's life when she was fighting leukemia in 2004, is a regular benefactor.

At first, the person who drew the name pronounced "Deley" as "Delaney." When they cut back to the anchors, Ms. Lui asks, "Barry Delaney? Not Barry Deley?" The drawer then realizes he messed up the name -- and the anchors realize that it is, in fact, Barry Deley, exclaiming, "That's Barry! Seriously!" It's all very cute.

When I first heard about this story, my initial reaction was, "It would have been awesome if Barry just quit on the air. Boom. Out." But after watching the video, and seeing what a nice guy Barry is, it doesn't really seem like his style. And it doesn't seem fishy that he won at all. It's actually pretty awesome.

Check out the video:

How crazy is this?


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