MSNBC Correspondent Meghan McCain Is Only an 'Idiot' to Confused Crybabies

meghan mccain on msnbcBreaking news! Meghan McCain -- as in John McCain's daughter -- is joining MSNBC as a correspondent. Already, the haters have come out of the woodwork, crying nepotism, celeb worship, and worst of all, deriding the accomplished blogger/columnist/author as "stupid" and an "idiot." Yes, of course they want to brand her a total nitwit. And there's only one reason why. 

But first, let's get one thing straight: McCain is not a trashy reality TV tabloid troll (cough Bristol Palin cough). She's no Ann Coulter. In other words, she's not a moron or sensationalist extremist who has now been given a megaphone. The thing with Meghan is that she's a self-described "woman who despises labels and boxes and stereotypes." She doesn't even see eye-to-eye with her GOP father all the time and has stances on major issues that may seem incongruous.


You could probably brand her a "moderate" Republican, but I'm not even sure that label would fit. 

And because she doesn't "fit" some black or white neat little archetype, there are those who will immediately discount her and pass her off as a bimbo or airhead (although, when they do that, they're probably mistaking her for one Sarah Palin). And they only do this because they're totally confused. Some of us have been so brainwashed by the 1,000-decibel screaming on both sides of the aisle that when we're confronted with someone who straddles the line, we're completely beside ourselves. "Whoa, she's a Republican ... but she's pro-gay marriage?? How ... huh ... well, then she must be an IDIOT!"

The ironic thing is, someone who identifies as a conservative but who takes liberal stances on some issues, has actual journalism experience, and doesn't fit into any one box or category is the PERFECT choice for a political commentator. As far as I'm concerned, MSBNC made a supersmart move hiring Meghan ... and with hope, her new role will prove that pundits don't have to be bleeding deep blue or dark red to be heard.

What do you think about Meghan McCain as an MSNBC commentator?


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