Ann Coulter Becomes a Parody of Herself With Racist Remarks

ann coulterThe latest drivel out of blondie, hate-filled GOP pundit Ann Coulter's mouth centers around Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, who has been accused of sexually harassing two women in the '90s. You know if he was a Democrat, she would be demonizing him right now, but because he plays for her team, she's coming to his defense on FOX News and Joy Behar's show.

See, in Ann's twisted mind, a.) Cain's being victimized by the "lamestream" liberal media that is subjecting him to "high-tech lynching" (uh, yeesh), and b.) "the only racism you hear in America is against conservative blacks." Wow. I have two words for you, Ann: Tea Party.

But here's the thing, I would never waste any breath on trying to counter Coulter's insensitive, altogether asinine arguments.


I definitely have friends who get themselves worked up into a tizzy over what she says, and I can't help but shake my head and think, "Seriously, why bother?" Because like a certain reality TV show star who we can't seem to escape this week, Ann Coulter seems to be living a lie for the sake of being in the spotlight!

Yes, she MUST be a total phony.

No one just says something like, "Our blacks are so much better than their blacks ... We have very impressive blacks in our party," and could expect the rest of us to buy that she genuinely believes that. Right? I mean, not only is this not 1963 or 1863, but Ann is a very educated woman. She went to Cornell University, is a lawyer, and was trained at the National Journalism Center. She's no dummy. And I've seen her on Bill Maher's show, laughing at the jokes he makes at her expense. (If those two can play nice, these nutbag ideas of hers can't possibly be for real!) She's obviously playing to the Republican base, riling them up in an attempt to sell her "brand."

Given this, it's a shock anyone who isn't dense enough to agree with her even pays attention to her anymore. Instead of getting angry, we should just realize by now that everything she says is for pure shock value ... and we don't need to waste our time or energy taking out that kind of garbage.

What do you think about Ann's statements? Do you think she's a phony?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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