Ricin Terrorism Plot Shows Who the Real Anti-Americans Are

explosivesA handful of senior citizens in Georgia are living out their Colonial-era militia fantasies a little too closely. Four men ages 65-73 were arrested yesterday for plotting a terrorist attack using ricin, a lethal toxin. Oh, and they wanted to use explosives, too. And their targets were government employees, politicians, and members of the media who, according to one, need to be "taken out."

So good thing we're spending so much money abroad fighting terrorism abroad, right? I mean, it's not like we have any anti-American wackos here. Oh right -- it's not anti-American to hate the government. Nowadays it's called patriotism.


The four men belonged to a militia group and were modeling their escapades on an online novel called "Absolve" by Mike Vanderboegh. He happens to be a militia leader who in 2011 called on Americans to oppose the new federal health legislation by throwing bricks into the windows of Democrat Party offices. And apparently a few of his followers actually followed through. So ... that's helpful. Thank you for that.

Meanwhile, back in Georgia, our senior militia members were planning to blow up the IRS building like Timothy McVeigh. Two of them, who used to work for the Department of Agriculture, were looking for the formula for making ricin from castor beans. (Castor beans! Who knew?) Thank goodness Homeland Security took a break from terrorizing Muslims long enough to notice this madness happening in our own backyard.

Okay, so I know we're taking about a senior brigade here, but this still freaks me out because it's coming out of that anti-government vein that's been gaining visibility lately. Who does that remind me of? Oh yes, Glenn Beck. Remember when being anti-government was a bad thing? And then it became a popular television show. And so now here we are.

Does anyone else think the right-wing anti-government fervor is getting a little out of hand?

Image via Dano/Flickr

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