Scary Sinkhole Swallows Man in His Own Front Yard

sinkholeWe really have no idea what could happen to us from one day to the next. Take 80-year-old Michael Ciron from Long Island, New York. On Sunday morning he went outside to get the daily papers and fell into an eight-foot-deep sinkhole. Everything went dark, he said, and the earth closed in all around him. Sounds like a terrifying experience and personally I had no idea that kind of thing happens, that the Earth just opens up and swallows people whole, but Ciron is living proof that, oh yeah, that's a thing. Sinkholes are for real.

He escaped getting devoured by our planet by climbing to the top of the hole and calling for his daughter, who was inside asleep. He's awesome!


Daughter Maria Ciron rushed to his aid and remained calm, cool, and collected. She called 9-1-1 and the cops came and dug him out.

Mr. Ciron emerged from the hole uninjured and in high spirits. At his age, heck, at any age really, a sudden, plummeting fall almost 10 feet into a hole could be extremely dangerous. Pretty great that he came out unscathed from the "hole" experience. He says he's very sore, but remains in good spirits.

No one really knows where the sinkhole came from, but they speculate it was an old, abandoned well or the sight of an old cesspool that was shifted around and compromised during Saturday's Snowtober event.

I'm sure had it been me gobbled up by Earth, I would've freaked the eff out and started begging to be spared by the hungry gods who were about to eat me limb by limb. Sinkholes just aren't a part of our lives here in New York, so it wouldn't cross my mind that that's what was responsible for me suddenly being eight feet under. A hungry Earth monster, aliens, angry ancient Mayans, and Kraken would be my first four guesses for why I'd been absorbed into dirt ... sinkholes are decidedly missing from that list.

Glad Mr. Ciron is A-OK though -- he's got one crazy story to tell now!

Are sinkholes an issue where you live?


Photo via _gee_/Flickr

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