Elephant Gives Birth After Record 2-Year Pregnancy

baby elephantAfter an unfathomable two-year pregnancy, Azizah the Asian elephant gave birth to an adorable baby a few weeks ago at the Whipsnade Zoo in London. Typically, Asian elephants are pregnant for 22 months (Lord!), but Azizah's extra two made for the longest pregnancy ever recorded at the zoo. And speaking of records, the calf who was born happens to be the smallest baby elephant on record there, also. The little one, who's yet to be named, is so tiny that zookeepers were initially worried that he wouldn't be tall enough to reach his mom's milk. But he soon figured out how to stand up on his tippy-toes, and he's currently feeding just fine.

Did your heart break up into a million pieces and fall out of your chest yet? Mine has. In fact, I'm not sure how I'm even still writing this.


When it's warmer out, the calf has been venturing out of the elephant barn with the rest of the herd, where he's been seen "playing with his siblings and suckling his mom." And one of the keepers, Lee Sambrook, said: “Azizah took to [the baby] straightaway and the rest of the herd are so excited to be around the baby and touch it. Elephants are social animals and having youngsters joining the herd is what elephant life is about.”

"The rest of the herd is so excited." I mean, how cute is that -- and who knew? Elephants: They're just like us! Except, dude, 22 months of pregnancy? No thanks. I'll stick to what now seems like our short 'n' sweet nine months, thankyouverymuch.

How adorable is this? Could you imagine being preggers for two years?!


Image via sarahemcc/Flickr

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