Putting a 'Bullet Hole' in Obama's Head Is Never in Good Taste

obama I have a high tolerance for things most people consider "offensive" or "inappropriate." But even I have to draw the line at a picture of Obama as a zombie with a bullet hole in his forehead being passed off as a "lighthearted attempt to inject satire humor into the Halloween holiday."

Obama as a zombie, fine. But Obama with a bullet hole in his forehead? Now that's offensive and inappropriate.

The image was part of a banner illustration at the top of an email sent by a Republican committee in Loudoun, Virginia to promote some sort of political activities tying in with a local Halloween parade (which also featured U.S. Rep Nancy Pelosi in monster mode). Okay, I get it: Halloween, Obama supporters are zombies, ha ha ha (that's a sarcastic ha ha ha, by the way; I'm not a Republican). Fine, I'm all for freedom of expression. It's the bullet hole thing that sends this over the line from tacky to truly messed up.


Not just because it's pretty sick to portray any living, breathing human being as the victim of a violent crime, but because "President of the United States" and "assassination by gunshot to the head" are already linked in the public consciousness. In a most traumatic way.

The stunt was too much even for other Virginia Republicans. Governor Bob McDonnell, a Republican, asked the Loudoun group to make an apology; Virginia GOP Chairman Pat Mullins said a picture like that "has no place in our politics. Ever."

In response, the Loudoun GOP Chairman, Mark Sell, gave the above explanation about "lighthearted humor," adding a "deep and sincere" apology to the president and anyone else who was left with the impression that the image meant to portray Obama as the "victim of a violent crime."


Well, I guess there is one very important take-home lesson here for the rest of us:

Some GOP members don't consider a gunshot to the head a violent crime. Good to know.

Do you think the Loudoun GOP went too far when they portrayed Obama with a bullet in his forehead?

Image via Neon Tommy/Flickr

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