Woman Offended by Anti-Abortion Haunted House Should Get Out More

haunted houseA woman in Pasadena, Texas, is really pissed off after she bought tickets to what she thought was a run-of-the-mill haunted house (with zombies, vampires, and the like) only to discover when she went that it featured scenes of something much more twisted and wrong.

When Linda Ybarra and her 14-year-old son arrived at "Hell House," they realized not only that it was put on by a religious group (specifically, Potters House Christian Fellowship Church), but also that it featured very realistic, very graphic scenes about abortion, "selfish" teen suicide, and going to hell if they didn't accept Jesus as their savior.


I seriously don't know if I could handle seeing what Ybarra and her son were forced to look at (as told to KTRK):

There was a young lady lying on a gurney, and two nurses. And one of the nurses was reaching into the lady and pulling out a bunch of gunk, and throwing it on the floor.

The worst part is yet to come, though. Ybarra asked to leave as soon as she realized the haunted house wasn't what she thought it was -- but they wouldn't let her (citing safety concerns)!

You don't need a psychology degree to understand why Ybarra is so upset: She felt the organizers lured her and other naive horror fans to the very atypical "haunted house" under false pretenses. And the fact that she had her 14-year-old son with her made it even worse.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only religious group that has pulled such a cruel trick. In fact, these sorts of Christian "hell houses" are performed all across the country (and have been for years) and, according to Pastor Lamont Melrose whose church put on the Pasadena house, attempt to save souls and "lure people to Jesus by the end of the show." The disturbing tactic is so widespread, there's even been a documentary about it.

So what's the lesson here for Ybarra and other unsuspecting people like her? Do some research about the haunted house organizers and steer clear of those that are sponsored by religious groups -- unless, of course, you are into that kind of thing.


Image via Beth Rankin/Flickr

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