Baby 2-Headed Albino Snake Is More Sad Than Scary

two-headed snakeSo, here's something really weird. A two-headed snake was just born. Oh, you don't think that's weird? You've seen tons of two-headed snakes in your day? Well, how about this: It's a two-headed albino milk snake. Dude, that's really rare.

After biologist Daniel Parker, a man who's seen his fair share of two-headed snakes in his day, laid eyes on the mythical-looking creature, he said, "I did a double take. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. This might be the most beautiful two-headed snake that has ever existed."

You know what, Daniel? You're right. It might be the most beautiful two-headed snake that has ever existed. But it's also creepy as all get out to look at.


Not that I'm an expert, but traditionally, two-headed snakes are darker in pigmentation. But this snake -- the albino milk snake -- is white and two shades of orange. You know, so you can better see that there's a giant, hissing, two-heading snake in front of you, ready to pounce. 

Actually, don't worry. The two-headed snake will not pounce on you because he will be held in captivity. The good kind. See, because the reptile has two heads, well, things can get kind of confusing for him. He has two different brains telling him what to do. He wouldn't last very long out in the wild. Under the care of biologists, two-headed snakes can live up to 20 years. Kind of makes you feel sort of bad for the guy. He can't go out and play with his slimy, slithering friends.

Truth be told, although it's sad knowing that life is pretty confusing -- and lonely -- for the two-headed snake, I feel a bit safer knowing he's not out cruising in the world. Even if it he is a little slower than the average snake, I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.

But a two-headed kitten? That's another story.

Would you be scared of a two-headed snake if you ran into one?


Image via Jason Pratt/Flickr

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