Halloween 'Zombie Apocalypse' Will Save Lives

zombiesAs the east coast deals with the aftermath of a freak, pre-Halloween snowstorm, Ohio is preparing for a zombie apocalypse. (Doesn't sound too much like we're readying ourselves for the end of the world, huh?!) No, but, in all seriousness -- 225 volunteers north of Columbus, Ohio will dress up like zombies on Halloween, and it's not all for fun and games. Instead, it's for the sake of a drill involving officials who deal with real-life situations involving hazardous materials and disaster response. Inteerrressting ...

Yup, apparently, the emergency responders will be tested on their abilities to use standard decontamination procedures to "treat" the zombies and make them "human" again in the exercise, which will take place at Ohio Wesleyan University. The challenge was inspired by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention blog post from a few months back, which used the precedent of an imminent zombie takeover to promote disaster preparedness.


If you missed it, the hilarious CDC post discussed all the ways you could prepare for a zombie apocalypse, including stocking up on water, food, and first-aid supplies. It also noted that the CDC would provide technical assistance to cities, states, or international partners dealing with a zombie infestation.

The Ohio county's idea to heed the CDC's "warning," so to speak -- or at least putting the plan to the test in real life is pretty awesome, given how many very odd and definitely rare natural disasters we've faced around the world lately. Hello, in the last year alone, we've had tsunamis, earthquakes in places that don't usually have earthquakes, devastating hurricanes, and now SNOW IN OCTOBER! Personally, all of that stuff freaks me out a lot more than fake zombies! And given the fact that it seems like every other month, governors like Chris Christie are having to declare a state of emergency due to acts of Mother Nature, it seems like it wouldn't hurt if ALL states had "zombie takeovers!" Because if emergency responders want to use "zombies" to be even more prepared for the next natural disaster -- cuz you know it's coming! -- more power to 'em. Seems to me, this zombie attack could ultimately lead to quite a few saved lives.

Would you go for a "zombie apocalypse" drill in your county?


Image via Nivaldo Arruda/Flickr

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