Monster Nor'easter Is Scarier Than Halloween

snow in central parkForget about Snowpocalypse ... it's time to prematurely welcome winter with the first nasty nor'easter of the season, oh-so-adorably nicknamed "Snowtober!" Right now, the storm is already pummeling the streets of my Northern New Jersey town. And, according to giddy meteorologists, by the time this heavy snow fall is done, my neck of the woods is supposed to see up to 8 inches on the ground! New York City is expecting up to 4 inches, Boston but some parts of the Northeast may see as much as a FOOT OR MORE OF SNOW.

This isn't the kind of light, airy, whimsical snow we all fantasize about falling from the skies around the holidays. It's more like that snow's jerk cousin from the wrong side of the tracks. It's heavy, wet, gloppy, and will most likely take down trees and cause power outages. Greeeeat!!


Excuse me, but what in the world is this?? I was wearing my flip-flops less than a week ago. I was enjoying the leaves slowly changing. We've barely gotten a glimpse of them in all their fire-engine red and brassy-gold glory! And now they're going to be covered in slush? GAH.

All in all, it seems like a not at all cool Halloween trick Mother Nature is playing on us. As much as you might want to rationalize it and think back to the last time you had to contend with snow on Halloween (I can remember when there was icy rain in Boston in 2002, but maybe only once during my childhood -- in Chicago -- did it ever flurry!), this is a totally different beast. According to John LaCorte, a National Weather Service meteorologist: 

This is very, very unusual. It has all the look and feel of a classic midwinter nor'easter. It's going to be very dangerous.

Ugh! The most major snowfall in October in NYC on record was in 1925 ... when eight-tenths of an inch fell in Central Park. And now -- probably thanks to climate change -- this evil nor'easter will likely smash that record to bits.

In short, it seems we're kind of screwed. Halloween revelers may have to throw in the towel on getting all dolled up and going bar-hopping. We may have to sit around in the dark or candlelight, and be content telling ghost stories. Sure, that sounds like it could be fun, but I would rather be doing by choice -- not because winter decided to crash autumn's perfectly good party.

How do you feel about this storm?


Image via Fly Navy/Flickr

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