Deborah Bradley's Guilt in Lisa Irwin Case Would Be Good News for Moms

deborah bradleyI don't know why police waited until yesterday to search the small lake near missing baby Lisa Irwin's home. You'd think it would have been one of the first places to look. Either way, I was relieved to hear that nothing was found. There's still a chance (admittedly slim) that Lisa Irwin could be alive.

Of course, most of us have all but given up hope. The question now is less "Did something horrible happen to Lisa Irwin?" than "Who did something horrible to Lisa Irwin?"

It seems like the majority of fingers are pointing to Deborah Bradley, Lisa's mother. Not surprising: She's done more than enough to implicate herself. But I think there's another reason why we're almost more willing to believe Bradley is behind her daughter's disappearance than a random, nefarious stranger.


A missing child case like this one is so terrifying to us as parents that the only way we can cope is to tell ourselves, "That could never happen to us."

We can't even begin to imagine hurting our own children. The thought of Deborah Bradley harming her baby is horrifying, but it's not threatening to us personally. The thought of a kidnapper breaking into the Irwin home and stealing Lisa, on the other hand, makes us feel unbearably vulnerable. That could happen to us. It could happen to anybody. If Bradley really is innocent, then the tears and the anguish we see are the desperately real emotions of a mother whose child was abducted. And we don't want to see that. We don't want to admit to ourselves that people go through that kind of misery every day.

Don't get me wrong; I hope to God that NO ONE did anything terrible to little Lisa. I hope she's safe and sound and happy and healthy.

But those hopes being, unfortunately, somewhat unrealistically high at this point, I hope whoever is guilty of hurting baby Lisa will be found soon, and stopped from doing anything like this ever again.

Is it harder for you to believe Lisa was kidnapped or harmed by her own mother?

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