5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Ripped From the Headlines

halloween costumesNeed some last-minute Halloween costume ideas? Me too. I was waffling between being a donut and dressing as Chester Cheeto, but I've been thinking this year I might want to stay away from the junk food theme and wear a costume that's a little more political and/or topical. There are just so many people in the news right now that would make for great Halloween fodder -- not all are appropriate per se, but fodder they are indeed.

Some of these political costumes are terrifying. I mean, between Casey Anthony and Gadhafi, are there any scarier people out there? That said, here are five costumes of people in the news to really frighten your friends ... and get them talking.





gaddafi costume
Moammar Gadhafi costume, $19
The evil dictator may be dead, but you can bring him back to life (if you so choose) with this head mask with hair. All else you need is a goldish/yellowish satin sheet, and bam: Costume complete.

casey anthony
Casey Anthony mask, $999,900
This specific Casey Anthony mask sold on eBay for just under $1 million, so yeah, if you want to be the controversial (to say the least!) Floridian, it's gonna have to be a DIY type of thing -- a lot of Halloween stores have taken the high road and have refused to sell Casey masks.

rick perry wig
Rick Perry wig, $45
Rick Perry's politics may be questionable, but he's got one fantastic head of hair. Throw on a blue suit, a red tie, and this gorgeous wig, and you'll look just like the Governor from Texas in no time. Just, uh, avoid getting into any heated debates. Stay focused on the candy.

hipster cop
Hipster cop, DIY
The hipster cop that was spotted at the Occupy Wall Street protests in downtown Manhattan has gotten a ton of attention. It might take your friends a second to recognize who you're dressed as, but the slow nods of approval will be worth the wait.

Occupy Wall Street protester, DIY
Or you could go in the opposite direction of the cop and dress as a protester. Look like you haven't showered for a few days, carry a sign that says something about being a part of the 99 percent, add a flag for flare, and you're good to go.

What do you think of these costumes?


Hipster cop photo via Lucy Kafanov/Flickr, protester photo via david shankbone/Flickr

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