'Druggie' Parents Did Daughter a Favor By Giving Her Away (VIDEO)

neveah aldridgeCourtney Followay, 23, and Gavin Aldridge, 24, parents to a 2-year-old girl, were just arrested for giving their daughter away. After police got a tip about the couple, they went to their house where they found an emaciated pit bull and fecal matter.

According to police reports, Followay and Aldridge had given their child away to friends in the neighborhood, who agreed to take custody of her if the couple would get help for their alleged drug addiction. The police report also contained this gem: When the child was given away, she had bug bites and her eyes were crusted shut. The couple is currently facing charges of child endangering, obstructing official business, and cruelty to animals.

Yeah, see, normally I don't tend to agree with druggie couples who starve their pets and give away their kids, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that giving away their daughter was probably the best decision these two ever made.


When the officers found the child at a neighbor's house, they were informed that she had been there for 10 days. The couple agreed to take the child on the condition that the parents would get help for their problem. They agreed, but not so sure they followed through, as they were "hiding from police" when the cops found them. Also, despite "giving their neighbors custody of their daughter," Followay and Aldridge wouldn't provide the adults with the girl's Social Security number or birth certificate, so medical attention wasn't obtained for her. Police were able to take the toddler to the hospital, and afterward, they placed her in the care of her maternal grandmother.

My crazy hair-brained theory is this: If Courtney and Gavin can't take care of a dog, or clean the s**t out of their house for God's sake, how the hell are they going to take care of another human being? I don't think they gave the child away out of love -- I'm sure, as often is the case with drug addicts, it was an act of selfishness because they didn't want to be "burdened," but still. The girl wins by not having to live another minute with her biological parents.

How disgusting is this?


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