Awesome Army Dad Surprises Family at Chick-fil-A (VIDEO)

chick fil a soliderChick-fil-A? Or surprises. Chick-fil-A? Surprises. I can't tell which one I like more! They're both so, so awesome. Amy Reed, a 24-year-old Army wife and mother of one, was lucky enough to experience both when her husband gave her the shock of her life at their favorite chicken joint in Eustis, Florida.

Amy was at a table with her family when her husband, whom she hadn't seen since his deployment to Afghanistan last year, rounded the corner with their dinner order. She screamed a scream to end all screams. In a good way, of course!


Amy's dad organized the whole thing and his plan went down without a hitch. Also, according to a restaurant employee, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Aw.

Amy knew that her husband was due to come home soon from his third deployment, but I bet she never thought they'd be reunited this way. I'm sure she's happy it was all caught on camera, too, because the footage is so sweet, so raw and happy.

Army Staff Sergeant Chris Reed had a great visit with wife Amy and their daughter, but he's now at Fort Drum in New York. In May, the whole family will move together to a base in Missouri. I'm sure they're eager to be together once again, and I wish them, and every military family, all the best!

Watch Amy get the surprise of her life at Chick-fil-A:


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