TSA Agent Who Commented on Passenger’s Sex Toy Is Deservedly Disciplined

tsa noteWhen not frisking grannies or fondling children, the TSA is busy rifling through our luggage and leaving behind inappropriate notes. When a woman opened her suitcase after flying from New Jersey to Dublin, she found one of those pamphlets the TSA puts in your bag if it's been searched. Fine, whatever, that's normal. Then she flipped it over and found "Get your freak on girl" written in black ink on the back of the flyer. Not normal.

Rightfully, Jill Filipovic spoke up about the TSA screener's unsolicited and totally unprofessional little piece of commentary. And thankfully, she was heard in a big way. It's about time the TSA took some responsibility.


The full story is that Filipovic had a sex toy in her bag and was on her way to Trinity College in Ireland to give a talk about feminism and sexual assault. The TSA screener obviously saw her private, personal item and decided they needed to make a wise-crack.

How highly inappropriate, right? I know I've unzipped my luggage and found that TSA flyer and wondered what was shuffled around, what was touched, what was taken (nothing, ever, but I always check), and I get this overall icky feeling about a stranger going through my stuff. I get why they do it, but this incident just brings my sense of violation to the front-burner. Which the TSA realizes, and has taken action.

They found out who was responsible and wrote on their blog:

That individual was immediately removed from screening operations and appropriate disciplinary action has been initiated. The handwritten note was highly inappropriate and unprofessional, and TSA has zero tolerance for this type of behavior.

It doesn't sound like he or she was fired, but it seems like an example was made out of their immature and offensive behavior. The TSA has a pretty terrible rep, but I think this disciplinary action is a baby step in the right direction. I have no idea how they're ever going to become a respected organization, but by apologizing to Filipovic and responding to the improper actions of one of their employees, I think we're finally getting somewhere.

What do you think?


Photo via Sung Sook/Flickr

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