Cat Found at JFK After Airline Lost Him for 2 Months

catOn August 25 of this year, a cat named Jack, who was supposed to be flying from New York to San Francisco, vanished from baggage claim before taking off at JFK. According to a Department of Transportation Pet Incident report that was filed, here's how it went down: An American Airlines clerk placed Jack's kennel on top of another on a baggage cart and the kennel on top fell, "causing the kennel to separate," and allowing the cat to escape into the seedy underbelly that is John F. Kennedy airport. Pretty infuriating, right?

Well, before your head explodes, you can take solace in the fact that Jack was actually just found. But, man, did American Airlines really drop the ball here.


According to the airline, "Jack was found in the customs room and was immediately taken by team members to a local veterinarian. The vet has advised that Jack is doing well at present." They plan on flying the kitty -- hopefully First Class like that Fancy Feast cat flies -- back to his owner in San Fransisco, Karen Pascoe.

Look, American Airlines made a valiant effort -- according to them -- to find Jack. They placed food and water around the airport, set up humane traps, and even hired a pet detective and issued a pet Amber alert. But -- there's always a but -- they, and all airlines, need to take better care and be more responsible when dealing with pets going into cargo. Pets are people's everything. You can't just go plopping a kennel down so hard it breaks it open. And you need to keep your eyes peeled. How did nobody see a cat leaving his crate?

I strongly dislike flying with my dog. I've done it a few times, and to be honest, I've probably had a few years shaved off my life for doing so (one time, he scratched his way out of his carrying bag). But still -- I would never, ever put him in cargo. I've heard too many horrors stories of pets getting lost or, worse, dying. You heard about Sandra Bullock, right? I get that some people just don't have a choice -- their dogs are too big, no one to watch them -- but ugh, it's so terrifying. Especially when you hear stories like this.

Luckily, this tale had a happy ending, though. Let's hope that Jack inspires American -- and other airlines -- to take better care of their furry passengers.

Do you fly with your pet? Do you put him or her in cargo?


Image via Tomi Topio/Flickr

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