Suicide Is Too Good for Bernie Madoff & His Wife

Bernie Madoff buildingThe "Lipstick Building" where Madoff committed his crimes. Bernie Madoff may be considered a "white collar criminal" by society's standards, but to those whom he robbed of their entire life savings, he is much, much more. The man used his billion-dollar Ponzi scheme to get wildly wealthy while stealing from all of those closest to him. Now his wife Ruth Madoff said the couple tried to commit suicide, and while there is no doubt the man deserves the worst punishment in the world, suicide is too good for the likes of him. 

Madoff and his wife Ruth (who hasn't been charged, but many assume she is somehow culpable, too) are giving interviews to Barbara Walters this week, and what has been released so far will chill the blood. Madoff -- a man who destroyed so very many lives -- is the happiest he has been "in 20 years." Sick. It's just plain sick.

According to CBS News, Madoff says:


[I feel] safer here [in prison] than outside. I have people to talk to, no decisions to make. I know I will die in prison. I lived the last 20 years of my life in fear. Now, I have no fear because I'm no longer in control.

"Happy" and "Bernard Madoff" are two things I never want to hear in the same sentence. How about "miserable," "suicidal," and "beaten to a bloody pulp," instead? How is it that a man can rob a person of $40 and be treated worse than Madoff who is now in some white collar prison where he is serving a 150-year sentence? What he did caused four suicides (including his son Mark Madoff) and yet he lives and breathes and has fun? Hell no.

What Madoff and his ilk deserve is far, far worse. These are the kind of people who put stuff -- giant yachts, mansions, multiple homes, Belgian loafers -- above family, love, and everything else that is good in the world. The greed it takes to do something like Madoff did is incomprehensible and so morally bankrupt there are murderers who deserve less punishment.

It's no surprise that his wife Ruth admits they tried to kill themselves. In an interview with 60 Minutes, she says: "We had terrible phone calls. Hate mail, just beyond anything, and I said, 'I just can't go on anymore.'" The couple tried to overdose on Ambien and Klonopin on Christmas Eve, 2008.

Well cry me a river, lady. For years she and her family lived a ridiculously extravagant lifestyle with their stolen funds. But once they were found out, there were no mass apologies or offers to give up everything they had. Instead we are meant to feel sorry for a man who saw money as more important than anything else.

When you get to that point, dear sir, you deserve death. But suicide? Oh no way. That is the easy way out. There shouldn't be another moment of happiness in his life and he should suffer exactly the way he made so many others suffer. Bernie Madoff is the worst kind of criminal in many ways -- a sociopath with no remorse for the lives he destroyed with his greed. A man like him is useless in a just and functional society.

Do you think he is evil?


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