Huge Lego Man Washes Ashore & Confuses Everyone (VIDEO)

lego manA giant Lego Man figure, eight feet tall and weighing over 100 pounds, has washed ashore in Siesta Key, Florida. No, you read that right. A giant Lego Man. And like you, no one's quite sure what to make of it. At first everyone assumed it was some sort of promotional stunt for the new Legoland that just opened in Orlando, but reps for the theme park say they have nothing to do with this. We're now all pretty sure that a Dutch artist, possibly called Ego Leonard, is behind the whole thing, but he won't confirm.

So uh, what we've got here is a gigantic Lego Man, who tweets by the way, on the beach in Florida and ... nobody knows what to do.


His shirt reads, "No Real Than You Are," and on his back is the name "Ego Leonard" and the number 8. Gah! What does it all meeeean?! I feel like "Ego Leonard" has got to be some fancy anagram that will give us clues, or lead us to buried treasure, or the Knights Templar, but I'm too lazy and/or dim to try and figure it out.

The weird part is, Lego Men have washed ashore before. One appeared in Holland in 2007 and one in England in 2008. But if you go looking for answers at, don't expect to find anything too enlightening. It's written from the perspective of Lego Man himself, who reveals that he represents "happiness and solidarity." If you read Dutch, you might find more information, but unfortunately I skipped all my Dutch language lessons as a kid.

But whoever did this clearly wants to get people talking. He/she chose one of the most popular and acclaimed beaches in the U.S. (Siesta Key was ranked #1 beach in America), so they know what they’re doing … but we sure don’t.

It's art, I guess. Art with a message. But what's the message? That sounds like a toughie. Personally, I think it came organically from the sea, but honestly, I'm more interested in how he washed ashore in Florida. I'm dying to know. Wonder if he really washed ashore or if he was strategically placed. One thing's for sure, though, he won't be going back out into the ocean.

The Sarasota police have taken the big statue into custody and say that if no one claims it soon, it's going back to the guy who found it one early morning walking along the shore. He says if it's returned to him, he'll put it on eBay. If that happens, consider your holiday shopping list complete. Merry Christmas, kids! It’s a giant, esoteric, slightly socialist Lego Man! Yay!

Watch Lego Man's discovery:

What do you think Lego Man is all about?


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