Development in Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Case Makes Mom Look Even Worse

lisa IrwinThe jury is still out on whether missing Baby Lisa Irwin's mom's decision to get drunk played any role in her daughter's disappearance. But cops are making it apparent that the Missouri mother's decision affected at least some of her kids. The police have called on the sons of Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin -- half-brothers of little Lisa -- to re-submit to questioning.

As if those kids haven't been through enough?


Listed by various media at 5 or 6 and 8 years old, respectively, the boys have undoubtedly been through a lot in the past few weeks. Their sister's missing. They've been barred from their home. And their neighborhood has been a circus of media and police. Now to top it off, the kids have to sit down for questioning and submit to DNA sampling (likely just a cheek swab, but still ... ).

That's a heckuva lot for two kids who aren't even old enough to grow whiskers yet.

I'm not questioning the police here. They say they'll have folks trained in working with children do the interviews. And they're looking for a missing child here; there's no doubt they're pulling out all the stops. They say the boys were sleeping with Deborah, and they think that they could have heard something from the time was Lisa being put to bed to mom and dad coming home from work to find her missing. That's enough for me.

But as an outsider, looking in, it still makes me angry. Angry at Deborah Bradley for leaving her two sons to speak for her family because she chose to get blitzed when she was home alone with her kids, leaving them as the only sober members of the household. If her comments about possibly drinking to the point of blacking out are true, that means the oldest "responsible" person in that home was 8 years old.


As a mom who likes an occasional glass or two of wine, I can't take the puritanical route here. Moms drink. They're adults. It happens, and it's legal. But I stick to the rule that I only imbibe when there's a second adult around. That way if something were to happen with our child, there's always someone sober enough to get behind the wheel of the vehicle. It's not that hard to do that -- or something similar -- to keep the kids safe.

Unless it's a medical emergency, no mom should put her 6- and 8-year-olds in a position to be cops' best hope for finding out what happened inside their home.

Do you think Deborah Bradley failed her sons here?


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