Nebraska Moms Arrested for Keeping Kids in Dog Cages

nebraska momsA 22-year-old mom and a 24-year-old mom have been charged with felony child abuse after police in Nebraska found two young boys living in dog kennels inside their extremely unsanitary home. Ashley A. Clark's sons, ages 3 and 5, were found in the metal cage, which reportedly had a feces-covered mattress inside, after an anonymous tipster alerted the North Platte police. The two other kids, ages 8 and 8 months, belonged to Samantha Eyten and were also found in the mobile home -- they were taken into custody, as well.

The home is clearly not fit for anyone to live in, let alone innocent children. I hope whoever is responsible gets punished to the max.


I mean, how do you do that to your own kids? Ashley says she put them in the dog cages because she didn't want them to climb out of their trailer's window. Good god. Samantha gave no such excuses for letting her two kids live in a home police say was covered in "trash, dirty clothing, food, animal feces, and urine." They and the two other adults living in the house will have their first court appearance on Thursday.

During which I hope they get the hammer laid on them. Absolutely horrifying, these people. I want to kick them in the shins and then murder them with my bare hands. Too far? Anyway, I don't know really what to make of these stories. They're simply horrifying. We hear tales like these every now and again that make our stomachs turn and turn some of us (just me?) into murderous blood-lusters, but maybe they serve a purpose. Maybe, as Oscar Wilde said, "By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, it keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community."

If we ignore that there are people among us who think it's cool to put their kids in dog kennels, then how can we improve? Cases like these highlight the importance of child protective services and the value of seeing something and saying something. Maybe our knowledge that there are people like Ms. Clark out there will help us speak up if we smell something fishy going on, knowing that, Well, there was that woman in Nebraska who tortured her kids, stranger things have happened, maybe I should call the cops ...

Maybe I'm grasping at straws here, but I do think that's a silver lining to these god-awful stories of child abuse.

Do you agree?


Photo via Lincoln County Court

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