Dog Chewing Flag at Occupy San Diego Is Un-American (VIDEO)

dog uses flag as chew toyA protest against the United States government has made the protester look even worse than our politicians. A video from one of the Occupy Wall Street offshoots -- Occupy San Diego, to be exact -- features a man coaxing a dog to use the American flag as a chew toy while chanting, "Yeah, 99 percent baby." And if that isn't evidence enough that someone's striking out at Uncle Sam, the YouTube upload of the video has been given the hyperbolic title: "USA Flag Dog Chew Toy: Best Use of Old Glory to date! Occupy San Diego Oct 24." 

Ironic, isn't it? The American flag stands for a freedom to speak one's mind. And here someone thinks the best way to do so is by tearing down the very symbol of said freedom.


It's true, we have the right to abuse our flag. We can burn it. We can let our puppies tear it to shreds. But when you buy into that sort of mentality, it's wise to remember the standard warning of commerce: caveat emptor.

You can easily come off looking like a jerk.

It's no wonder the conservatives have been able to take over as "the" patriotic party in America. Remember the charge that President Obama wasn't wearing a flag pin on his lapel back during the 2008 campaign? I get a little sick of hearing that I don't "love my country" enough because I disagree with the government. But people like this member of the 99 do nothing to help my cause.

Thus far, the reigning voices of the Occupy Wall Street movement have tried to put forth a positive vibe. The 99 percent are angry. They're frustrated. But they aren't looking to secede. They're looking to succeed. They want the government to change for the better. It's patriotic to be pro-America getting better.

But giving your dog a flag to chew on isn't about change or success. It's about division. It destroys the message of hope for a better tomorrow and replaces it with a depressing look at how easily people will give up. Sure, it's your right. But is it really one that's worth exercising?

Maybe I'm naive in saying that the best hope for our country is to work toward a better tomorrow. But I can readily admit that ours is not a perfect country. Democrats and Republicans both will agree. We have problems!

Now show me a country that doesn't. And when you're done with that fruitless search, show me one example of how tearing someone (or, in this case, a country) down has ever given them a leg up.

Check out the video and tell us, does a dog chewing on the flag really make you want to join the Occupy San Diego protesters?

Image via YouTube

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