Serial Rapist Makes This Halloween Terrifying for Sorority Sisters (VIDEO)

Four members of a national black sorority in their 50s and 60s have been raped in the Dallas, Texas area over the past few weeks. Now Delta Sigma Theta is urging their alumnae to remove any trace of their affiliation from cars, clothing, and even their key chains. It's the stuff of horror movies, but this time it's happening in real life.

Police have a man suspected to be the assailant caught on surveillance video. He is in his 30s, 5'7", weighs 250-300 pounds, and has some kind of limp. Detectives are still not sure how he is collecting all his victims, but suspect everything from the sophisticated -- social networking sites -- to the amateur -- targeting them at shopping centers. Either way, it's scary, scary, scary.

See below for the video and see if you can help catch him:


Why would this man be targeting older women from this one sorority? Did someone from the sorority wrong him? Was his mother a member? Police are saying it's very unusual for a rapist to target one group like this, which makes it all the more creepy. Serial rapists are always scary (we have one in my neighborhood right now), but when they are targeting specific women with premeditation, it's (almost) even more unnerving.

No matter what answer we get, it will likely never be sane or make any sense to a rational mind. But for the women in this sorority, it's awfully sad and painful that they have to hide this piece of their identity just to protect themselves from a madman.

Once he is caught, they should be able to display their sorority pride again in any way they want.

As usual, rapists don't just harm their victims. They also harm millions of other women who hear these stories and live in fear. Let's hope he is caught and brought to justice quickly and that these poor women don't need to lose any more sleep over this monster.

Why do you think he would target one sorority?


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