Stunning Northern Lights Replay for Those Who Snoozed Through It (VIDEOS)

Northern Lights

Oops, you ended up sleeping through the Northern Lights last night. That's the bad news. And now the even badder news -- you won't get another chance tonight, sorry 'bout that. According to the space weather geeks, the solar wind that sparked the spectacular geometric storm that could be seen all the way down to the Deep South, much farther down than usual, is subsiding and probably won't be visible by tonight. Hey, it happens, which is why we have YouTube to relive the experience. Will you just look at that amazing light show above? There is plenty more where that came from ...


The most dramatic show was seen from higher north, like this video from East Martin, Michigan.


Climbing even farther north, the view from London, Ontario.


People in Maryland, Virginia, and even people way down south in Arkansas reported seeing the display -- have you ever seen an aurora explosion? This is what it looked like in the Ozarks ...


Next year, you gotta stay awake.

Did you see the Northern Lights last night?


Image via lakefxnet/YouTube

Videos via YouTube

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